An Inspiring Dynamic

Last week, Spark! visited Diode Dynamics in Earth City. This company was not like many others we had visited or talked to in the past. The business was founded when the owner, Paul McCain, was in high school and worked with cars. He realized that most of car LEDs available online were very expensive, shipped from China, or shipped from companies with horrible customer service. This … Continue reading An Inspiring Dynamic

The Horse is the Company

My family loves horse races; we even take trips to go watch them. Just as in the sport of track and field, there are different types of horse races. There are “sprint” events like the Kentucky Derby, and there are “hurdle” events, such as the Steeplechase. Our favorite race is the Iroquois Steeplechase held each spring in Nashville, Tennessee. It’s always a fun and eventful day, … Continue reading The Horse is the Company

The Opposite Viewpoint

It is always difficult for me to select the best practices from Spark! Incubator because so much of the experiential learning experience is based on the growth, journey, and self assessment.   The students are in control of their businesses and have to demonstrate passion, drive, grit, professionalism, time management, problem solving, risk taking, and most other essential skills.  What does that look like?  Is it … Continue reading The Opposite Viewpoint

Thinking Outside the Tank

This past Thursday was the second STL Teen Think Tank. The event took place at CIC during Venture Cafe. After networking with business people that live all throughout St. Louis, the event started. The owner of Frienedy began by talking to us about her business. It’s a social messaging app that ensures safe and private communication. She then discussed her main problem: getting the teenage market … Continue reading Thinking Outside the Tank