“Spark! Is Something More Than A Class”

By Connor Scherrer

As the first few weeks of school have flown by I can definitely say that Spark! is like no other class I have ever taken. Quite frankly, categorizing it as a class might just be offensive. Spark! is something more than a class, I see it as an opportunity, I see it as real learning.

I can say that I have never worked harder for a class outside of the school hours than I have for Spark!, but here’s the kicker, I want to work outside the Spark! studio, I want to work to advance my business, I enjoy doing the work. Spark! has created a learning environment like no other course. I feel engaged and motivated every time I’m in there. Spark!  has also opened me up to the business world.

I wasn’t quite sure what the business world was or what it looked like. From these past three weeks however, I have learned that the business world is all about connections. Almost anyone that’s ever had success as an entrepreneur is great at creating and maintaining connections. Spark! has also showed me the importance of mentors.

When first meeting the mentors I was astonished that after pitching my idea, within seconds, they knew exactly what my next move should be and what I need to do next in my leg work to get my business up and running. From this I learned that having mentors when getting into entrepreneurship is invaluable. Lastly, through Spark! in these three short weeks I have learned that I am the only person responsible for my future. Up until now this concept has always been emphasized in school but has never materialized in my brain until now. Teachers  had always acted as student’s life coaches always lifting them back up when they chose to fall. Through Spark!’s professional environment I have quickly learned that in the real world if I choose to fall I will be the only one falling and will have to lift myself back up. With Mentors has also come the relevance of the importance of making connections.

Spark! incubator has created an environment where I am forced to build my connecting skills with others. Being a reserved person by nature, Spark! has created an environment that forces me to reach outside of my comfort zone and that’s something that I am so thankful for because left to my own devices I don’t know if I would.

Spark! is something different. Something that I have barely scratched the surface of. Something I look forward to.

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