Spark! Teaching and Learning Update

Hello everybody! My name is Riley Cockerham and I am a part of the Spark! Teaching and Learning strand. This week was kinda crazy (like every other week) but it was really fun, and I enjoyed every minute of it!

Some artwork from fourth graders about Growth Mindset

Missouri Baptist University

Teaching and Learning was asked to speak about our strand and what we do day in and day out at Missouri Baptist University next month. We worked a lot this week figuring out what each person is going to say and how we will tell it. We all had the idea to create a video to help show what we do everyday, and I (having had experience editing videos before) am happy to help make it. So far it has been really fun and exciting getting to plan for this awesome opportunity.

The Mile Run

We helped with Jog Jam last week and on Monday, Highcroft students ran  the mile. So of course we had to run it with them. We helped a few friends cross the finish line, which was really fun to do. Here are some pictures of the kids from the run:


Kelly Kimberlin

screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-8-22-59-amLife coach Kelly Kimberlin visited Spark! Teaching and Learning. She gave us some really cool tips on how to make ourselves happy and how we can turn our problems into solutions. We also discussed the key to success and how we can make our dreams come true now. She asked us to write in detail, using a current view point about what our lives will look like in 10 years. It was really cool getting to see what I had always imagined come to life in my head and I look forward to being able to make that image a reality.




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