Nuclear Power Presentation and Seeds of Change

By Shelby Ripp


Here at Spark! Bioscience, we have had the chance to meet a lot of new interesting people throughout both the business and science fields in the last few months. A few members from the Navy came and gave us a presentation of nuclear power. We learned that nuclear power is way safer than most of us originally thought. Going into it, we all had the idea that our phones gave off too much radiation to keep to close to us. But leaving the presentation, we realized that it would require a whole lot more radiation than that from our phone to have any impact. We also got to learn about how the Navy uses nuclear power as opposed to the wasteful or weaker power sources most of us use like burning coal. On top of being able to get answers for questions about nuclear power, the Navy and nuclear engineering, we got some cool stuff like little baseballs that said Navy on it and I learned that I can’t catch very well…

screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-1-07-23-pmThen for a nice change of pace, we attended the Seeds of Change event at the Danforth center which is an incredible research facility. This event incorporated science and business so we invited our friends from Spark! incubator along to watch the presentation which was brilliantly drawn by David Karandish. We got to meet him as well as other big entrepreneurs and learn about starting businesses and perseverance because starting and succeeding are very difficult things to do. While the food that they provided was pretty good, the knowledge we gained from the experience was even better. The panel discussion was very informative about being an entrepreneur and succeeding as a new business owner. They also emphasized the ability to code as a necessity in the world today and it will open many doors for us in the future which means we Spark!Bioscience students are getting a great head start on the next generation of employees!!


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