A New Way to Learn in Spark! by Ben DeMartino

In the last few weeks, I have been adjusting to the different environment in the Spark! atmosphere. It has been a very new experience for me. If you do not know what the Spark! program is, let me explain what it is all about. The class, for lack of a better term, is unlike any class I have ever been in. The whole concept is to build a business, a real one, and work through the struggles of being entrepreneurs. I have chosen to join an existing business with a friend who has been building his company for over a year. Our company is called “Twisted Bow Ties.” We are bow tie enthusiasts, as looking nice has always been important to me and my fellow team members. Our bow ties are different than any on the current market, as they allow customers to put different colors together with an easy velcro connection. This appeals to the sharp, people-pleasing type. The bow ties can be chosen in different combinations, which can help to match any outfit as a whole, rather than a single component.

In pursuing our company, we work with very successful business individuals who dedicate their time to us. All of the mentors have been so helpful along the way. Just the other day, one of my favorite mentors helped walk us through the process of creating a written agreement. Without the help, I would have never been able to follow through with all the procedures required to do this. As CFO of our company, it is my job to handle all of the equity and money being spent by our team. Talking about these specific details trained me to perfect a written agreement, which will be a skill I will always have from here on.

Like I said before, the class is like no other I have attended. As I have grown accustomed to attending classes in my school, this is held in the Chesterfield Mall. This change was difficult to adjust to, but I have grown to love the location. Not only does it allow me to spend some time away from my high school, but it also makes me feel like an adult more than ever before. Everything about it makes me feel grown, with the mentors talking about real topics that will actually apply to my life. I feel like no class could provide this sort of learning. I have wanted to work in finance or business my whole life, and this class perfectly lands on this topic. I am teaching myself, as we have experienced trial and error through just the first few weeks of the program. I plan to continue learning about the specifics of business, and look forward to what the future holds for Twisted Bow Ties.  

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