An Inspiring Dynamic

Last week, Spark! visited Diode Dynamics in Earth City. This company was not like many others we had visited or talked to in the past. The business was founded when the owner, Paul McCain, was in high school and worked with cars. He realized that most of car LEDs available online were very expensive, shipped from China, or shipped from companies with horrible customer service. This … Continue reading An Inspiring Dynamic

Thinking Outside the Tank

This past Thursday was the second STL Teen Think Tank. The event took place at CIC during Venture Cafe. After networking with business people that live all throughout St. Louis, the event started. The owner of Frienedy began by talking to us about her business. It’s a social messaging app that ensures safe and private communication. She then discussed her main problem: getting the teenage market … Continue reading Thinking Outside the Tank

T & L Through the Eyes of a Student

This week we had a good and somewhat relaxed week in Spark! Teaching & Learning. We started the week off on Monday where we worked on our project goals and had “Highcroft Time.” Highcroft Time is where we go into an assigned classroom at Highcroft Elementary and observe and help the teacher as needed. I am able to go into a 1st grade classroom during … Continue reading T & L Through the Eyes of a Student

Pitch Competition Winners (PB & J)

Recently, my business partner, Paige, and I won 1st place at the pitch competition hosted at Spark! It was truly a huge shock considering many other groups had a strong presentation and did very well! It was so much of a shock that after the judges announced our name, Paige had to look at me and whisper, “That’s us!” Paige and I own PB & J … Continue reading Pitch Competition Winners (PB & J)